Oil Intensely Fruity 75 cl


The extra virgin olive oil INTENSELY FRUITY is made from the best olives harvested by hand and immediately ground in the mill to provide low degree of acidity.
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The extra virgin olive oil, INTENSELY FRUITY is derived from a careful selection of olives grown in the terrains of Antonio Miccoli’s farm.

SIZE : 75 cl


HARVEST PERIOD : From November 1 to November 20


PROCESSING SYSTEM: Oil derived from the traditional technique of ‘cold pressing’ (a chemical-free process using only pressure, produces a higher quality of olive oil which is naturally lower in acidity) at a temperature lower than 27°

APPEARANCE: Veiled by natural settling.

DENSITY : Medium Fluidity

COLOUR : Light green with golden reflections

AROMA : Fresh, herbaceous, with traces of artichoke adorned with floral scents that create a complex and elegant bouquet of smells.

TASTE : Intensely fruity, with slight artichoke’s taste and pleasant bitter and spicy flavours.

USE : It is an excellent seasoning for each dish. It is advised to be used with grilled meat, cooked vegetables and legumes, raw vegetables, cheese, bruschetta with tomatoes.

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